Saturday, May 13, 2006

Polish National Catholic Blogs

Deacon's Blog: Thoughts and Opinions from a Deacon in the PNCC.

Does anyone know of other blogs concerned with Anglicanism's historic sister communion, the Polish National Catholic Church?


Anonymous said...

I am hoping to start at the PNCC seminary, Savonarola, in the fall. I currently am at a seminary in Maine, a ecumencial seminary, I was RC, then married, studied for orders in ECUSA, then like many others grew tired of the liberalism, so I have now found my way into the PNCC. I have a blog, although it does not contain too much info on the PNCC other than links to all the parishes i was able to locate. In fact, recently with finals and preparing to move my updates have been few and far between, however, I have searched and searched the web for any and all info on the PNCC. i have started to prepare a database of info that will be posted soon.

Father Chad said...

Thank you for the link to your new blog and please keep reading! Let us pray for a restored relationship between the PNCC and orthodox Anglican Churches such as the APA. God bless you!