Tuesday, March 18, 2008

CANA Purports to Ordain Women Deacons


In a radio interview given today and linked online, Bishop Martyn Minns of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America acknowledges that CANA has now proceeded to purport to ordain women to the Sacred Order of Deacons. A study group on priestesses has come to no formal decision and is still working through the question, we are told. From the tone and tenor of the comments made, it seems clear that Bishop Minns endorses the 'ordination' of women...


Anonymous said...

This only proves my philosophy that all these continuing groups of Anglicans that don't remove this liberal element from the start will be infected by it and will become what the tec already is, maybe not from the start but they will be, some fast others slow.

May God help His church in her great hour of need and may the holy mother keep us in her prayers!

Anonymous said...

"Orthodox" Anglicanism. Sheesh! They have no right to this claim. CANA, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Sydney, etc. all make me sick, and I'm beginning to think that these sort of "evangelicals" are more dangerous than even Schori, for Schori is at least honest about who she is and stands for, unlike these people who advertise themselves to be "orthodox."

It makes me even more sick when these kind of people try to white-wash differences between themselves and Anglo-Catholics and if Anglo-Catholics try to object, they are labeled as "non-collegial" and "divisive."

Sickening. This whole affair.