Monday, April 30, 2012

APA 2012 Appeal Success!

UPDATE: 4/27/2012--The total funds accounted for as of today is $48,000. Congratulations to everyone. God is most certainly good!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Union of Scranton

The Union of Scranton, the fellowship of orthodox and canonical Old Catholic Churches, has a new website...

Let us recall the Bonn Agreement of 1931, by which the Church of England, and subsequently, the Churches of the Anglican Communion, entered into full sacramental communion with the Old Catholic Union of Utrecht, the precursor of the Union of Scranton.

  1. Each Communion recognises the Catholicity and independence of the other, and maintains its own.
  2. Each Communion agrees to admit members of the other Communion to participate in the Sacraments.
  3. Intercommunion does not require from either Communion the acceptance of all doctrinal opinion, sacramental devotion or liturgical practice characteristic of the other, but implies that each believes the other to hold all the essentials of the Christian Faith.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bishop John Vaughan

Updated information...

The Rt Rev John Vaughan was consecrated Bishop Suffragan for the Diocese of the Eastern United States at St Stephen's Pro Cathedral in Timonium, Maryland.
Bishop Vaughan was consecrated by The Most Rev. Brian Marsh, Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in America. Other consecrators were The Rt Rev Stephen D. Strawn, Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Missouri Valley and The Rt Rev Chandler Holder Jones, Suffragan Bishop of the Anglican Province of America. Co-consecrators were The Rt Rev George D. Langberg of the ACA and The Rt Rev Robert Loiselle of the APA.
Consecration of >The Rt Rev John Vaughan, photo taken with The Rt. Rev. Stephen D. Strawn, The Most Rev. Brian Marsh, Council Nedd II, The Rt Rev George D. Langberg of the ACA and The Rt Rev Robert Loiselle, The Rt Rev Chandler Holder Jones.
Consecration of The Rt Rev John Vaughan, photo taken with The Rt. Rev. Stephen D. Strawn, The Most Rev. Brian Marsh, Council Nedd II, The Rt Rev George D. Langberg of the ACA and The Rt Rev Robert Loiselle, The Rt Rev Chandler Holder Jones.

Bishop Vaughan, who is rector of St Patrick's Church in Titusville, Florida, will serve the Diocese of the Eastern United States, a diocese that embraces over a dozen parishes in the southeastern part of the country.
Prior to his consecration, Bishop Vaughan was presented with a hand made crozier, one that had been created by a member of St Stephens church. The crozier features a carved shamrock. The Shamrock is representative of Bishop Vaughan's Irish heritage. It is also a symbolic means whereby which Celtic priests have traditionally explained the Trinity.

Following his consecration, St Stephens hosted a wonderful reception.
People from several jurisdictions attended the service. 
The Ven. Guy P. Hawtin preached the sermon at the Consecration of Fr. John Vaughan, Bishop-elect of the Diocese of the Eastern United States, Wednesday in the First Week After Easter, April 18th, 2012.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 APA Appeal Update

Dear Family in Christ,

I just wanted to let you all know about the ongoing progress with regard to the Lenten Appeal. First, let me express my personal thanks for all of you who have done so much to promote this worthwhile cause to your congregations and for all those who have contributed so generously to this effort. As of today (Friday, April 20) the provincial treasurer has received contributions from 13 churches as well as a number of individuals. Our total to date is around $33, 0000!!! Praise be to God!! We are almost there and of course would like to hear from all our parishes and missions. Please encourage your parish treasurers to forward the monies collected to our Provincial Treasurer, D. J. Fulton as soon as they are able.

Please continue to pray for these efforts, especially that we might indeed meet our target of $40,000, but also that we might complete the transaction without long delays and complications.

God bless you all for taking up this endeavor so enthusiastically. Please also continue to pray for all our foreign churches and global partners.

Remembering that in all things, He is able. I remain faithfully yours,

Fr. David Haines
Vicar General for Global Partnerships, APA  

Friday, April 20, 2012


Today, Friday 20th April 2012, is my 41st birthday. God bless you all!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Episcopal Consecration of the Right Reverend John Vaughan

On Wednesday 18th April 2012 at Saint Stephen's Church, Timonium, Maryland, the Right Reverend John Vaughan was consecrated Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of the Eastern United States of the Anglican Church in America. The three principal consecrators were the Most Reverend Brian Marsh (ACA), the Right Reverend Stephen Strawn (ACA) and your blogger (Anglican Province of America). The other consecrators were the Right Reverend Robert Loiselle (APA), the Right Reverend George Langberg (ACA) and the Most Reverend Council Nedd II (Episcopal Missionary Church).
God bless and keep Bishop John!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Images of Easter 2012

The Holy Confirmation of the Onunekwu family

Jennifer, Blossom, Daniel and Temple Onunekwu, confirmed at Saint Barnabas Dunwoody 
on Easter Day, 8th April 2012. Congratulations and God bless you!

The Holy Confirmation of Chandler Aidan Baskwill Jones

On Easter Day, 8th April 2012, at the 11am Sung Eucharist, my eldest son, 
Chandler Aidan Baskwill Jones, received the Sacrament of Holy Confirmation 
from his very proud father at Saint Barnabas Church, Dunwoody, Georgia. 
Congratulations and God bless you, Aidan!

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday at Saint Barnabas Dunwoody

The Ordination of Anthony Kevin Isley to the Sacred Order of Deacons

At Saint John's Church, Greensboro, North Carolina. (video, but no audio).