Wednesday, January 16, 2019

PNCC Mass at Saint Barnabas

On Wednesday 16th January, Saint Barnabas Dunwoody was privileged to welcome the Most Reverend Anthony Mikovsky, Prime Bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church, who celebrated the Holy Mass at Noon according to the liturgical rite of the PNCC. This was the first time the Prime Bishop of the PNCC celebrated Mass according to the PNCC Rite in an Anglican Church since 1952. A new day has dawned....

Anglican Joint Synods - Polish National Catholic Church Dialogue

Saint Barnabas Dunwoody was blessed and honoured to host the inaugural meeting of the official Anglican Joint Synods (G4) - Polish National Catholic Church Dialogue Tuesday 15th January and Wednesday 16th January. American Anglicanism and the PNCC were sister Churches which enjoyed full sacramental communion with each other from 1946 until 1978, and it is fervently hoped that that relationship will soon be restored. Please pray for the ongoing Dialogue, for its representatives, participants, and delegates, and for its sacred labours.

May 2024 Comprovincial Newsletter

The Comprovincial Newsletter for May 2024 -