Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bishop Francis Hodur and the Polish National Catholic Church

Anglicanism's historic Sister Church, the Polish National Catholic Church and Anglicans in the USA were in full communion from 1946 to 1978....

Friday, March 10, 2017

The Ongoing Collapse of the Church of England

The attempt to house two completely different religions in one ecclesial institution was never practicable and has been proven once more to be utterly futile....

Christian orthodoxy has never been in a process of 'reception' concerning the ordination of women and is unprepared to admit that the universal Church has erred or been misguided about something as important to the Gospel as the sacramental essence of the Church and her Apostolic Ministry instituted by Jesus Christ. 

For Traditional Anglicans, as for the Patriarchates of East and West, the maleness of Holy Orders is a settled issue because it is a dogmatic truth revealed by God in Scripture and Tradition. Women's ordination, for this reason, has been a church-dividing issue and is not a second-tier concern or problem.

The purported ordination of women and the blessing of purported marriages of persons of the same sex are hermeneutically inseparable: today we see that the creation of a new synthetic system of marriage is the direct result of the creation of the new synthetic priesthood. The Sacrament of Holy Orders and the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony remain forever inextricably tied together in the divine revelation. Those religious organisations which follow in the path of modernism believe themselves masters over the sacraments, and therefore masters over the created order sanctified by the sacraments, free by fiat to change what God has created, redeemed, and revealed. The Church of England has tragically followed this path.

Purported women's ordination and pseudogamy share the same erroneous interpretation of Holy Scripture, or biblical hermeneutic, a contemporary, culturally-conditioned, historical-critical revisionist approach to the Scriptures. Both are based on the same reading and interpretation of the Bible, as both undermine the basic anthropological revelation concerning the nature of God, Man, and the Church contained in the Word of God. Both doctrines are equally heresies of the Christological and anthropological order.

Across the pond, the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) should take serious notice of the disastrous consequences of the 'dual integrities' programme...

Let us pray earnestly for Bishop North and for all faithful Anglican Catholics struggling to survive in the C of E.

Trinity Sunday Episcopal Visitation - Saint George the Martyr Church, Simpsonville, South Carolina

Trinity Sunday Episcopal Visitation to Saint George the Martyr Church, Simpsonville, South Carolina.