Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Polish National Catholic Church Ukrainian Relief

Dearly beloved in Christ,

We have before us this Lent a tremendous opportunity through which to exercise the Christian works of mercy. Our brethren in the Polish National Catholic Church in Poland are going to extraordinary lengths to bring the love of God to refugees from Ukraine who are escaping the Russian invasion.

The Polish National Catholics are providing food and shelter, receiving refugees into their own homes, offering medical care and services, and more, all of which activity is being funded from their own parishes. The PNCC is soliciting funds from many sources in order to assist in this mission.

We orthodox Anglicans, engaged as we are in dialogue with the PNCC, are especially encouraged to contribute directly to the effort.

Donations may be sent directly the Office of the Prime Bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church, 1006 Pittston Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18505-4109.
Please make cheques payable to...
The Polish National Catholic Church, with the word 'Ukraine' in the memo line.

The Polish parishes require more financial support so as to provide some small measure of comfort and dignity to the suffering people making their escape to safety. We are now presented with the privilege of doing our part and practising our Lenten discipline of almsgiving by sharing in this relief work.

Let us pray fervently for the peace of Ukraine and for the welfare, preservation, and freedom of the Ukrainian people. God bless you!

In Our Blessed Lord,


The Most Reverend Chandler Holder Jones SSC
Presiding and Diocesan Bishop

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