Monday, January 29, 2018

King Charles the Martyr

O most mighty God, terrible in thy judgements, and wonderful in thy doings toward the children of men, who in thy heavy displeasure didst suffer the life of our gracious Sovereign King Charles the First, to be, as this day, taken away by the hands of cruel and bloody men: we thy sinful creatures here assembled before thee, do, in the behalf of all the people of this land, humbly confess, that they were the crying sins of this nation, which brought down this heavy judgement upon us. But, O gracious God, when thou makest inquisition for blood, lay not the guilt of this innocent blood, the shedding whereof nothing but the Blood of thy Son can expiate, lay it not to the charge of the people of this land: nor let it ever be required of us, or our posterity. Be merciful, O Lord, be merciful unto thy people whom thou hast redeemed; and be not angry with us forever: but pardon us for thy mercies sake, through the merits of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (1662 English Prayer Book)

Saint Charles Stuart I of England, King and Martyr, pray for us! REMEMBER!

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

APA Global Partnerships with Canon David Haines

Please plan to join us now at Saint Barnabas Anglican Church, Dunwoody, Georgia for an extraordinary event on Saturday 6th January: Canon David Haines, Vicar General for Global Partnerships of the Anglican Province of America, will be with us to offer an inspirational and exciting presentation on our worldwide mission work. Please don't miss this amazing opportunity. 

On Saturday 6th January we shall begin with Morning Prayer at 9am and then have our first session, until the Solemn High Eucharist for the Epiphany at Noon. 

Following the Eucharist, we shall have lunch together and then our final session. Father David will also be preaching at the Sunday services on 7th January. Come learn about all that the Anglican Province of America is doing in India, the Philippines, Haiti, and Ecuador - as we take the Light of Christ to the nations!

May 2024 Comprovincial Newsletter

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