Saturday, June 27, 2009

Metropolitan Jonah of the OCA on the Roman Church

From his address to the Provincial Assembly of the Anglican Church in North America:

We share the hope of full ecumenical relationship and reconciliation with the Roman Catholic Church. However, I believe that we are of one mind, the Anglicans and the Orthodox, in that we reject the papal ecclesiology and the theological distortions of papal infallibility, and some of the hypertrophy regarding Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos, the Ever-Virgin Mary. We love the Most Pure Mother of God, but I think we have to remember what is right and decent and in order. And it's only by, only by the repeal of such doctrines that there is going to be any possibility of reconciliation of the Roman Church with the Orthodox Church... some don't like that.


Anonymous said...

Metropolitan Jonah's comments are spot on.

Ecgbert said...

The only insurmountable problem between Rome and the Orthodox is the scope of the Pope: divinely instituted channel of the church's infallibility or a man-made rank of the infallible church's divinely instituted episcopate, a rank for the good order of the church?

Dcn. Carlos Miranda said...

This is going to be the Orthodox century by all accounts- and we can see that the OCA is off and running. I expect to see many Anglicans flood into the OCA.

Ryan said...

Without a visible head, there is division. I love the Anglo-Catholic expression. I was a practicing Anglican for many years before crossing the Tiber. I'd like nothing more than to worship in the extraordinarily beautiful Anglican Rite. Unfortunately, I see many of the same problems in Anglicanism that I saw in evangelicalism. Problems that raise questions like: Who is right? Where does the fullness of the faith lay? Do I join the ACA, ACNA, APA, etc.? If the Church truly is the "pillar and foundation" of the truth (1Timothy 3:16), then how can it be divided? A fractured foundation cannot support a house.

Anonymous said...

Metropolitan Jonah's comments are misguided.

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